The Culinary Arts Commission was established in February 2020.

To establish culinary art as an intrinsic and vital element of Saudi Culture.

To position Saudi Arabia as a destination for unique culinary experiences.

To enhance the role of culinary arts in driving economic growth

Culinary Arts, a new destination

To be at the top of the list to provide unique and rich flavors in the Middle East and the Arab world, and to be a reference for an integrated and well operation sector.


Culinary Arts, an exceptional experience

Creating unforgettable and delightful experiences for locals and visitors through an expanded local offerings that change perceptions and allow people to connect and engage at a personal level with the regulations of the Culinary Arts Commission.

Presenting the best of Saudi Culture and Hospitality Values locally and globally through our culinary heritage and talent. 


Culinary Arts,  an economical opportunity

Providing unparalleled economic opportunities by generating value from local culinary assets and professionals to produce a thriving sector.



The Commission will oversee the development and advancement of the culinary arts sector and set up relevant mechanisms and regulations.

Mayada Badr is the CEO of the Culinary Arts Commission.

The Culinary Arts Commission aims to develop the sector, support practitioners, raise awareness of traditional Saudi cuisine, including its  documentation, and to position the Commission as the reference, developer, and enabler of the sector.