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    Terms and Conditions The Culinary Arts Commission Website (hereinafter referred to as “the Culinary Arts Commission Website” or the “website”) is available for your personal use. Your access and use of this website is subject to these terms of use and the laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, your access and use of this website forms an irrevocable approval of the terms of use whether you are a registered user or not. This agreement shall be effective as of the date of your first use of this website. As outlined in the vision and mission of the website, the most important purposes of this website is to increase communication with the public, provide information and definitions about the tasks and services of the Culinary Arts Commission. The use of the website is subject to a number of terms and conditions, which are continuously updated and changed as the case may be. Any modification or update of such terms and conditions shall be effective immediately upon approving it by the website management. This requires you to continuously review the terms of use and disclaimers to be aware of any new updates. This is because your continuous use of this website means you have reviewed and accepted any modification to the terms of use, noting that such terms and conditions include the property rights. Moreover, the website management is not under an obligation to notify any updates applied to such terms of use.

    Restrictions to Use By using the Culinary Arts Commission website, you hereby undertake not to:

    Provide or upload any files containing software, materials, information or data not owned by you or for which you do not have a permit. Use this website in any way to send commercial or unsolicited email messages or any misuse of such type of Culinary Arts Commission website. Provide or upload any files containing viruses or damaged information to this site. Publish, advertise, distribute or circulate materials or information defaming reputation, violating laws, pornography, obscene, violating the Islamic teachings or public morals, or any illegal materials or information through the Culinary Arts Commission website. Use the Culinary Arts Commission website to subscribe to any illegitimate or illegal activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Use the Culinary Arts Commission website to advertise any product or service rendering us in a position violating any law or system applicable in any field. Use any means, software or procedure to intercept or attempt to intercept the proper operation of the Culinary Arts Commission website. Perform any procedure applying unreasonable or improper overload to the infrastructure of the Culinary Arts Commission website.

    Links to our Website Links to other websites are provided for the convenience of the visitor. However, we are not liable for the contents or credibility of the websites for which we provide links and we do not approve the contents thereof. Therefore, using any of such links to have access to such websites is made at your own risk. We also work on replacing the impaired – corrupted – links to other websites. However, we do not guarantee that such links will permanently work properly because we do not control such links.

    Antivirus Protection We do our best to scan and test the contents of this website in all stages of production. We further advise you to operate an antivirus software to scan all materials downloaded from the web. We do not hold ourselves liable for any loss, interruption or damage of your information, computer or any browsing device you have that could happen during connection to this website or upon using any material downloaded from this website.

    Disclaimer The service, information, materials and jobs available on the Culinary Arts Commission website, which can be accessed through the website are provided for your use on “as is” or “as available” basis without any acknowledgment, promise or guarantee of whatsoever nature. We do not guarantee or assume any liability for any interruption, errors or violations that may result from using this website or its contents or any other website connected to it, being under our knowledge or not. The user shall not be entitled to the property or confidentiality of any communications or information sent by the user through this website. Moreover, any use or interactive use of this website does not guarantee, or is not meant to guarantee, any rights, permits or advantages to the user. The Culinary Arts Commission assignment of any right it may have subject to these conditions in any places or events does not mean in any way an automatic or permanent assignment of any rights in other places and events.

    Limits of Liability The e-services provided online by the Culinary Arts Commission website and obtaining information about the different governmental departments and entities are only provided for facilitating the manual procedures. You hereby acknowledge being fully aware that online communications may be subject to interference or interception by third parties. The website does not replace the information provided by the official authorities and the applications and administrative procedures shall be made directly before the concerned authorities. Therefore, referring to this website is made on your own liability. In no way do we assume any liability for any loss or damage you may suffer because of using or visiting the website; depending on any statement, opinion or advertisement on the website; delaying the operation, lack of access or bad connection to the internet; the breakdowns of equipment or software; the conduct or ideas of any person having access to this website. Therefore, you hereby agree that your only way to avoid any damage or loss that may happen as a result of having access or use of this website is to stop using or accessing it.

    Compensation You hereby undertake not to take any procedure against the Culinary Arts Commission or any of its departments and to compensate and hold it harmless against liability together with any entities, employees or agents who may be responsible for the management, maintenance, update or providing the Culinary Arts Commission website against all obligations and liabilities in connection to any claim resulting from any breach on your side of the terms of use, any laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or where you live.

    End of Use We may, at our absolute discretion, terminate, restrict or suspend your access to the website and use the same without notification for any reason including the violation of the terms of use or any other conduct we deem, at our absolute discretion, illegal or harmful to others. In such an event, you shall not be allowed to have access to this website.

    Property Rights This website is under the technical supervision of the Information Technology Department, which is a department of the Culinary Arts Commission at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All materials available on this site, including the illustrations of information and software (contents), are protected under the copyright rights, trademarks and other forms of property rights. Whereas one of the main purposes of the website is represented in increasing the awareness and enriching the culture of the users and visitors of the website, only the personal and nonprofit use can benefit from the contents and any information published on the website. It is important to refer to the Culinary Arts Commission website the source of such content and information. On the other hand, it shall be completely prohibited to sell, license, lease, modify, copy, duplicate, print, upload, advertise, distribute, publicly view or prepare any works derived from any materials or contents from this website to the public or use the same for commercial purposes without obtaining the prior written consent from the Culinary Arts Commission in the KSA. It is completely prohibited to modify any contents of the website. Moreover, the drawings and images on this website are copyrighted, and any infringement of the drawings and images is an infringement of the property rights of the commission, which exposes to take the necessary measures against the infringement, it may not be copied or used in any way without obtaining the prior written consent from the Culinary arts commission in the KSA.

    Jurisdiction These terms and conditions are subject to the regulations applied in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and any disputes relating to these terms and conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of KSA.

    General Terms & Conditions All materials and information available on the website are for awareness and nonprofit. Arabic language is the main language for using the website and for benefitting from all materials published on it. The translation of any of such materials is to provide an added value. However, the available translation may not be relied on to interpret any dispute concerning the contents of the website. All regulations and laws published on the website, whether those of the Culinary Arts Commission or of any other authorities, may be translated to interpret the meaning thereof for increasing the benefit. However, the Arabic text of all such regulations and laws forms the main reference. Therefore, in no way it may be relied on the interpretation translation thereof to extrapolate any information or details. The website includes a number of channels and tools for e-sharing like forums, polls, comments on the published materials, blogs, voting system, visitors’ comments, personal subscriptions, mobile phone text messages and the toll free services around the clock. The website management set a number of standards and restricts the use of all e-participation channels to ensure achieving the best benefit from the principle of e-sharing. Your use of such channels forms a permanent approval of the standards and restrictions of the use thereof. Culinary Arts Commission is entitled to delete or not to publish any comments of the website users, which the website management finds improper. You can review all criteria and restrictions of the use of the e-sharing channels in this page. In case you have any enquiries or opinion on the privacy conditions and disclaimer, kindly, contact the portal management through the communication form in the “Contact Us” page.

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