Mayada Badr has extensive experience in the field of culinary arts. Prior to joining the Commission, she worked as Creative Executive Chef for Black Cardamom restaurant. Mayada holds a bachelor’s degree in management and design from Parsons School of Design in New York, and a postgraduate diploma in baking and culinary arts from Le Cordon Bleu School in Paris.


From here, we open international doors to Saudi cuisine. Because of the global importance of the Culinary Arts, the Culinary Arts Commission has been established to develop and support the sector’s practitioners and advance its components.

The Commission aims to support individuals and entities working in the culinary sector and highlight traditional Saudi dishes by documenting and promoting them.

It also aims to become the reference, developer, enabler, regulator, and legislator for the sector by setting up work mechanisms, providing the necessary licenses to those interested and working in it, as well as encouraging financing and investment in projects.

Additionally, the Commission supports and motivates workers to create content that reflects their interest and passion in the Culinary Arts. Besides, it works to classify restaurants, chefs, and dishes, along with registering and writing down Saudi dishes’ recipes, then publishing them locally and internationally.

Mayada Badr
CEO of the Culinary Commission